Minot Milling

“Without MADC, not only would the expansion have been more difficult, there may not have been a facility to expand at MinotMillingTourBackground.JPGall. MADC and the City of Minot were instrumental in bringing the idea of Minot Milling to a reality and again now when it came time to expand. MADC and the City of Minot have been great for us” –Kevin Schulz, Minot Milling Plant Manager
In 1998, Minot Milling was established to compete in the industrial ingredient marketplace with pasta and flour products. Minot Milling is a division of Philadelphia Macaroni Company and provides superior flour by refining durum and hard red spring wheat. Awarded as the top organic miller in 2014, Minot Milling provides 90% of Philadelphia Macaroni Company's flour; who then manufacturers dry, frozen, and specialty pasta for industrial, institutional, and contract retail customers. Minot Milling provides flour used in big-name brands such as; Kraft, General Mills, Nestle, Campbell's and many more.
In 2003, MADC helped assemble a property tax exemption plan that was accepted by the city and the community of Minot. Minot Milling announced a $7.9 million investment in the expansion project that carried substantial economic benefits for Minot and the surrounding area. The expansion project in 2003 lead to direct new dollars into the community through construction costs, construction wages, inbound trucking services, additional remuneration to growers, new employees & payroll, utilities and miscellaneous costs, and much more. Minot Milling buys as many supplies and services locally as possible. Minot Milling is a great representation for the region and is known for being one of the most advanced plants in the industry.