Burdick Job Corps Collaborative Initiative

Posted: Apr 28 2020
Burdick Job Corps is currently seeking employer partnerships to establish direct pipelines of employment by bridging the skills-gap that is so often discussed. Job Corps is seeking proactive employers willing to collaborate and contribute to North Dakotas workforce development. Ideally, employers who have substantial employment needs and who are willing to contribute and assist in aligning Job Corps curriculum with employer needs to satisfy employment requirements. In doing so bridging the skills gap in Minot and across North Dakota.
An effective avenue to establish direct employment pipelines is through the delivery of Work- based learning opportunities. Work-based learning experiences, such as job-shadowing, internships, co-ops, apprenticeships, and volunteer service provide mutual benefit to employers and student-employees. Student employees gain valuable real-life exposure and experience, in addition to, school credit and/or pay. Employers benefit through the contributions made by the student-employee and the opportunity to instill basic work readiness skills. Employers will effectively develop their own constant pipeline of talent who have graduated from a training program they helped to build.
“We want to focus our mission on satisfying employer requirements while simultaneously aligning our students career goals with North Dakotas workforce needs. Culminating in immediate employment upon completion of the Job Corps program. We can only accomplish this through proactive employer collaboration”
Interested employers may contact the Burdick Job Corps Center Business Community Liaison.
Marvin ‘Monte’ Montenegro

Manager of Career Transition/Community Liaison
1500 University Ave West., Minot, ND 58703
Montenegro.Marvin@jobcorps.org | O:701.857.9644  C:701.833.7068