Looking for Great Networking Opportunity?

Posted: Apr 09 2017
Connect Minot is a free monthly meeting designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs in the Minot area. MADC attended the Connect Minot March meeting, which featured the following inspiring entrepreneurs:LindaandAl.JPG  
Schuler, Johnson, and Mueller shared pivotal moments in their careers, which provided great insights for the audience to learn from.
Schuler explained the most rewarding aspects of her career, challenges she’s overcome and currently facing, and how she engages with the local community and markets her business. She also shared the importance of entrepreneurs finding a balance between work life and personal life, how you can’t be afraid of a challenge, and the importance of rolling with the punches.
Johnson and Mueller discussed their two different business ventures, Home Sweet Home and Bakken Sunrise Brokers, and also covered the benefits and challenges of a partnership. Benefits of their partnership include different perspectives offering a broader view, the opportunity to feed off each other’s creativity, more effective at analyzing results, the ability to share the work load, support and encouragement, and being in multiple places at once. Some of the challenges of their partnership include the difference of opinions and communication. Johnson and Mueller offered invaluable advice to the audience about business partnerships, how they’ve reached the point of having such a strong and successful partnership, and whether or not a business partnership is right for your business.
Although Connect Minot is targeted towards the entrepreneurial community, the experience and expertise that’s shared from the inspiring speakers could apply to anyone. Whether you are seeking entrepreneurial advice, looking to network, wanting to be inspired, or just need to get out of the office for a bit; attending Connect Minot is certainly time well-spent. The next Connect Minot will take place Wednesday, April 26th at the Hyatt House Minot at 10:00 AM.