MADC 2015 Annual Meeting

Posted: Feb 19 2015
The Minot Area Development Corporation's 2014 Annual Meeting was a great success with nearly 200 attendees! Guest speaker Brad Shamla, Vice President of U.S. Operations of Enbridge, delivered valuable content regarding Enbridge in Minot and the future growth opportunities.

Enbridge is a powerful leader specializing in the safety and reliable delivery of energy. By focusing all their attention on providing a transportationmadcannualmeeting15.jpg link for the oil and gas industry, Enbridge maintains a competitive advantage by having a high-demand and specialized role in the industry.

Enbridge is a proud member of the Minot community since 1962. Contributing large amounts of property taxes to Ward County, over $200,000 in community investments, and endless volunteer hours, Enbridge provides more than their energy services to Minot. As a previous Minot resident, Shamla said "Minot is a great place to live and raise your family" as he described the high quality of life Minot offers Enbridge employees.

"With North Dakota's new resources and tremendous growth, it's been amazing to see all the changes and opportunities unfold," Shamla. Enbridge currently holds 3 offices in Minot with an increasing employee count of 150. Enbridge's future efforts in North Dakota will establish control, stability, and sustain the rapid growth to ensure long term progress. "Lowered gas prices will affect near term activity, but the long term is still a tremendous opportunity," explained Shamla.

MADC's Annual Meeting also highlighted key projects of 2014, goal initiatives for 2015, and welcomed the new Chairperson Darrell Olson, President/CEO of Town & Country Credit Union. We extend a thank you to everyone who was able to attend our annual event and for the continued support of MADC.