MADC Visits AGT Foods Headquarters

Posted: Mar 21 2016
AGT Foods is one of the world's largest suppliers of value-added pulses, staple foods, and food ingredients in the world. Withlgagtfoods_usa.jpg facilities in South Africa, Canada, Australia, India, Turkey, and all across the globe- AGT chose Minot's facility to be the most premier operation with a recent multi-million dollar expansion. Six members of MADC made a special trip to AGT's headquarters in Regina on March 18 to thank President/CEO of AGT, Murad Al-Katib. "It was important to show Mr. Al-Katib that Minot greatly appreciates his business. Out of all of the facilities in the world he chose Minot, North Dakota for AGT's recent expansion. We wanted to thank him personally and express our gratitude. " stated Stephanie Hoffart, MADC President/CEO.