MADC's Annual Meeting Welcomed BNSF and Economic Development Expert

Posted: Feb 12 2018
With nationwide successes and international developments, the Minot Area Development Corporation (MADC) highlighted the significant milestones achieved in 2017 at their Annual Meeting, which was held on February 8th, 2018. The event featured keynote speaker Colby Tanner, AVP of Economic Development for the Burlington Northern Sante Fe (BNSF) Railway. BNSF was an impeccable fit for MADC’s Annual Meeting, as securing BNSF’s Site Certification in November 2017 was the biggest achievement for MADC in 2017. This national recognition for the Magic City is monumental and MADC’s Annual Meeting was a great opportunity for BNSF to share this designation for Minot.
Mr. Tanner kicked off the event with a few updates from BNSF. Operating over 1,200 freight trains per day, BNSF proudly moves one-fourth of the nation’s rail freight. Rail transportation is incredibly efficient with a single intermodal train moving the equivalent of 280 long haul trucks. As the leading U.S. railroad, BNSF currently stands in the best position ever in the history of the company:
  • Serving 28 states and 3 Canadian Provinces
  • Covering 32,500 route miles
  • Including approximately 400 transload facilities on network
  • Managing 25 intermodal facilities
  • Operating approximately 8,000 locomotives
  • Serving over 40 ports
  • Providing jobs for 41,000 employees, with approximately 350 serving the Minot region
As part of BNSF’s economic development team, Mr. Tanner explained BNSF’s commitment to creating quality growth for communities BNSF serves. Mr. Tanner’s team manages new and expanding business development opportunities, they help businesses:
  • Select a site for a new facility
  • Expand an existing site
  • Evaluate transportation optionsTannerPodiumCloseUp.jpg
  • Improve transportation infrastructure
  • Establish rail service
  • Navigate the process
BNSF’s economic development team attracted $7.7 Billion of customer investments in 2017 and created 3,484 jobs. Mr. Tanner outlined the team’s strategic program that involves Logistics Parks, Logistics Centers, Private Parks & Site Certification, and Transload. Due to MADC’s dedication and efforts, Minot will now capitalize on BNSF’s strategic program- Private Parks & Site Certification. The Industrial Park of Minot was amongst thirteen other sites awarded this recognition across the nation.
BNSF’s Site Certification ensures a site is ready for rapid development with an extensive analysis of existing and projected infrastructure, environmental and geotechnical standards, utility evaluation and site availability. By selecting a BNSF certified property, businesses greatly reduce development time (saving businesses 6+ months), increase speed to market, and reduce upfront development risk of rail-served industrial sites.
Mr. Tanner narrowed in on this huge accomplishment for the city of Minot and how the industrial park will have access to BNSF’s extensive marketing campaign. This designation is just the beginning for the buildout of the Industrial Park of Minot. MADC looks forward to bringing new businesses into the community and for businesses to join anchor tenant, AGT Foods. Mr. Tanner explained how the current development status at the industrial park has left Minot perfectly poised. Being prepared is the most critical factor when going through the site selection process and he is confident that Minot is perfectly positioned. He shared the next step for the industrial park is marketing, which BNSF has an extensive strategy for.
“I travel all around the across the western United States for our team… and I just have to say without question, what you have as an advantage here in Minot that other places don’t is this right here; these projects, the industrial park, getting customers, getting these big facilities and offices here in Minot is a team effort. It takes private investment, public investment, it takes support from the State level, the county level, and the local level. Business leaders have to be behind it. You don’t see that often, in fact it’s very rare. I would like to commend the city here and the state for what you’ve been able to do, it’s truly impressive and something you guys should be very proud of. We are happy and thankful to be just a small part of it,” stated Mr. Tanner.
As MADC’s Annual Meeting concluded, Jim Montgomery (the 2017 Chairperson) introduced Jim Rostad (the 2018 Chairperson), who shared his excitement for MADC in 2018. MADC President/CEO, Stephanie Hoffart, thanked Mr. Tanner and his team for the opportunities BNSF has created for Minot. Mrs. Hoffart also thanked MADC’s Board of Directors and investors for their continued support. For more information on MADC’s efforts in 2017, click here to view the Annual Report.