MAGIC Sky Initiative adding key partners

Posted: Oct 12 2017
The MAGIC Sky Initiative grew this past month, adding three partner businesses that represent different fields within the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) industry. eSmart Systems (with headquarters in Norway), Robot Aviation (established in Norway), and Ackerman-Estvold (headquarters in Minot) have now joined lead business, SkySkopes, to provide full-service solutions to customers.
The Minot Area Development Corporation initiative is tying all of the partners together under one umbrella in a way that is unique for customers and user groups.
“Coming from Norway it feels great to come to North Dakota and Minot, both because of all the friendly and open people we meet and because of all the great opportunities we see in the Utility and Oil & Gas sector,” said Knut Gustavsen, president of eSmart Systems in North America. “Together with our partner Microsoft we are all about optimizing the infrastructure using new analytics tools and IoT sensors provided by partners like SkySkopes and Robot Aviation.”
“Ackerman-Estvold provides a unique service to area industries by combining qualified, licensed UAS pilots with infrastructure experts that have extensive experience in designing, building and operating infrastructure and building systems,” said Ryan Ackerman, PE, president/CEO of Ackerman-Estvold. “As MADC investors and the only engineering consulting group headquartered in the Minot region, Ackerman-Estvold is excited at the potential that MAGIC Sky will unlock for the region.”
“Robot Aviation couldn’t be more enthusiastic to join the MAGIC Sky Initiative championed by the Minot Area Development Corporation,” said Bjorn Forsdal, president of Robot Aviation USA. “With significant UAS applications expanding in Minot, MAGIC Sky is important to the overall success of this industry for the region. Robot Aviation looks forward to being a part of the initiative through utilizing its SkyRobotTM technologies along with key industry partnerships of SkySkopes and eSmart Systems.”