MAGIC Fund recipient receives national recognition

Posted: Aug 08 2019

SkySkopes, a professional drone flight operator and MAGIC Fund grant recipient, was memorably recognized as one of the top five drone service providers in the world by Frost & Sullivan (2019 report). Frost & Sullivan is a global consulting firm that identifies, develops, and creates transformational growth strategies for its clients across the world. As a consulting and research firm that seeks out innovative opportunities, it’s no coincidence that Frost0SkySkopes.jpg & Sullivan awarded SkySkopes such acknowledgement as SkySkopes has revolutionized the UAS industry.  

The Minot Area Development Corporation (MADC) first met SkySkopes at a UAS conference in 2015, and after a year of building rapport and recruitment, SkySkopes announced the opening of a Minot office in December 2016. In 2017, SkySkopes was awarded MAGIC Fund dollars to further develop its operations and since then SkySkopes has exceeded every benchmark locally, paved opportunities nationally, secured recognition globally, and overall has been an outstanding example for the purpose of the MAGIC Fund. 

"The MAGIC Fund helped SkySkopes establish our core competencies as an organization.  Putting the best sensors in the hands of some of the most highly certified pilots in the world combined with SkySkopes locating in Minot is a winning combination. The fund has also helped us establish partnerships with numerous industry-leading UAS companies.  Being introduced to the MADC, furthermore, was one of the most important events in our company's history.  The establishment and their staff are one of the true jewels of the state of North Dakota, especially under the leadership of their president & CEO, Stephanie Hoffart.  Members of the SkySkopes team always enjoy Stephanie's warm welcomes and wise counsel," stated Matt Dunlevy, President & CEO of SkySkopes. 

Since securing MAGIC Fund dollars and the opening of the Minot office, SkySkopes has been recognized by Forbes, The New York Times, USA Today, and has achieved many other accolades. Minot’s office is the largest entity with 9 full-time benefited employees, including 2 executives within the company. SkySkopes also has offices in Grand Forks (ND), Minneapolis (MN), and Ft. Worth (TX) with a total of 24 full-time employees. SkySkopes’ journey is a great example of the purpose of the MAGIC Fund, it’s not only created opportunities and jobs locally, but has also increased efficiency and safety to the companies served by SkySkopes. SkySkopes has a unique team held together by innovators, they have excitingly surpassed revenue projections and have proven their leadership in the UAS industry.

Matt Dunlevy, President & CEO of SkySkopes states, "having Minot as a home base for SkySkopes is an absolutely essential component of our company and a major reason why we were ranked in the top five UAS companies in the global UAS industry.  In the future, SkySkopes will look to its foundation in the city of Minot for operations across the world and particularly in oil and gas.  We see Minot as a Gateway to the Bakken, and the Bakken as a key to the entire oil industry where we expect to have a major multi-national presence in years to come."