Minot Area Chamber of Commerce and Minot Area Development Corporation to Merge

Posted: Dec 22 2020
The Minot Area Chamber of Commerce and Minot Area Development Corporation (MADC) will merge the two organizations into one on January 1, 2021. Ballots were mailed out earlier this month and overwhelmingly came back in support of the merger with 94% of the chamber member votes and 95% of MADC investor votes received in favor of the merger.
“I am excited for what the merger means to our region. I have spent over a year working for both organizations and see a lot of synergies and opportunities for the two organizations to become one. We can combine resources and focus our efforts on a fresh start to serving the business community as one focused organization,” said L. John MacMartin, Minot Area Chamber of Commerce president and MADC interim president/CEO.
Three key factors led to the initial discussion and are the basis for the question of: Why is a merger best for the community, organizations and the member/investors who support both organizations?  
  1. International Economic Development Council (IEDC) economic recovery and resiliency strategies identification of the need for organizations to collaborate and develop One Brand
  2. Change in leadership at MADC in the fall of 2019
  3. Desire to serve members and investors from the business community more efficiently
Randy Hauck, MADC board chair shared, “We are in an environment where we all are looking for ways to work as effectively and efficiently as possible. This past year as chair of MADC, we have shared two positions with the chamber team which has worked well. The organizations are already housed in one building and being able to look for further efficiencies will serve the members/investors well. I’ve had the opportunity to chair both boards and see the merger as a win for our region.”
Jeff McElwain, Minot Area Chamber of Commerce board chair added, “The Minot Area Chamber of Commerce board has spent the last year working together with the MADC board to evaluate our current positions and reach out to other communities who have initiated similar mergers to the benefit of their members and investors. It is clear to me this is the right move for our two entities to be more effective and efficient for the Minot area.”
The mission will continue to focus on promoting business, leadership and growth for the Minot area while facilitating business attraction, expansion, retention, and advocacy to diversify and strengthen the Minot area. There are opportunities with the merger to review current community needs and align the organizations focus to address these needs. The board of directors for both organizations have been working closely this year to do a careful analysis of the merger with equal representation from both groups. The organization will be structured so that employees specialize in various roles, while remaining flexible to help in any role as needed.
The goal is for the new organization to do more for the community with the same amount of revenue that is currently collected among the two organizations now. There may be slight differences in dues due to a new tiered investment structure, but in most cases, members will pay the same as what they are now to both groups. There are many opportunities to be involved from participating in one of the many committees to nominations to serve on the board of directors. The combined organization will allow members to go to one board rather than two to provide input.
Next steps will be delivery of documentation for the plan of merger to the ND Secretary of State and Attorney General. The new 14-member board of directors will be seated January 1, 2021. The board includes a set designated position for both the City of Minot and Ward County. Other board members will serve staggered terms and represent a broad sector of the Minot area business community.