ND Ag Commissioner Visits KMOT Ag Expo

Posted: Jan 29 2016
MADC staff was able to attend the KMOT Ag Expo's presentation by Doug Goehring, ND Ag Commissioner, on Thursday, Janlgagcom_2.jpg 28, 2016. Commissioner Goehring explained the significant role of North Dakota agriculture; ND produces over 50 different commodities and exports its products to 83 different countries all over the world.

Commissioner Goehring shared the challenges North Dakota faces due to federal regulations and how North Dakota is responding and fighting to protect our agriculture state. He also explained 2016's opportunities for growing Faba Beans and Carinata (made into biofuel). Commissioner Goehring said that North Dakota's market is outside of our border and it's the middle class growth that will keep North Dakota's market strong.