New looking, leaner Minot City Council

Posted: Jun 14 2017
City of Minot voters have spoken on who they want to become the new 6-person council. Unofficially, 3,494 ballots were cast this past Tuesday, to determine which of the nine candidates would become the first group of six for Minot’s new-look council. The following individuals were elected, pending the canvassing committee report: Shaun Sipma with 2,873 votes; Shannon Straight with 2,715 votes; Josh Wolsky with 2,343 votes; Mark Jantzer with 2,181 votes; Lisa Olson with 2,123 votes and; Stephen Podrygula with 1,880 votes. To appropriately stagger the terms, the top three vote getters will serve three-year terms, while the bottom three will serve one-year terms. With the new city council makeup the mayor, currently Chuck Barney, now becomes a voting mayor.   

City Council