MADC President leaving in late 2019; Board evaluating next steps

Posted: Oct 01 2019
The Minot Area Development Corporation (MADC) announces today that President and CEO Stephanie Hoffart will be Hoffart.jpgtransitioning away from her current position on November 2. The MADC Board of Directors is evaluating next steps to take in the continued effort to fulfill their mission of facilitating business attraction, expansion, retention, and advocacy to diversify and strengthen the Minot area. 
“Stephanie has worked hard on behalf of MADC and has been an asset in our community,” said MADC Board Chair Brekka Kramer. “We wish her the best of luck and we look forward to determining as a board and as a community the next steps toward reaching our stated vision of building a resilient, sustainable, and diversified economy to ensure Minot is the right place for businesses and families.”
“I will continue to be a strong advocate for all that the Minot Area Development Corporation champions for businesses and growth in our region and I couldn’t be prouder of all that our community and region have accomplished in recent years,” said Hoffart.
Hoffart joined MADC as the vice president in November 2009 and was promoted to President and CEO in August 2014. Her work over the years has included leading the team to earn national distinction for the Industrial Park of Minot in becoming a BNSF Site Certified location. Her focused efforts on Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) has helped to grow the Minot MAGIC Sky Initiative. Hoffart also championed efforts to support Minot as the Gateway to the Bakken for energy companies, and as a leading hub for agriculture production in the region.