Show Support for the MAFB by Making a Donation Towards the MMIII Missile Model

Posted: Apr 19 2016
Did you know that the Minot Air Force Base (MAFB) had an economic impact of just over $597 million last year? It's no lgafbonlythebestcomenorth.jpgsecret the important and special role the MAFB has in the Minot community. If you would like to show appreciation and support for the MAFB, the Military Affairs Committee is seeking donations for a ¼ scale MMIII missile model at the MAFB.

The model would be located at the first major intersection as you come on to the Base right across from the existing B52 Bomber model. It's time to recognize the significant role the 91st Missile Wing has for our entire nation!

The Base is responsible for lighting, decorative brick work, and a cement foundation of the project. Many businesses and individuals have graciously made a donation towards the model, but more donations are needed in order to install the model by next spring. Models like this are a common practice amongst host communities and this project is the perfect way for our community to show support and appreciation for the MAFB.

If you are willing to make a donation or would like more information, please contact John MacMartin, President of the Minot Area Chamber of Commerce, 701-852-6000. If your donation is run through the Minot Area Community Foundation, your donation can be made tax deductible.