Strengthening partnership with Norway

Posted: Jul 18 2014
This week's "Bridging the Atlantic" Business to Business Forum marks the renewal of shared history and unique business opportunities between Norway and Minot. This event recognized the manufacturing, technology, energy, and agriculture commerce among Minot and Norway. "We are very happy to see the relationship growing between Telemark and the Midwest," said Kåre R. Aas, the Ambassador of Norway, who attended the forum.

Minot State University, Minot Chamber of Commerce, and Minot Area Development Corporation collaborated together to execute this annual event that emphasized the benefits of sharing heritage, education, and business innovations. High-end leaders from two communities and various industries shared their business knowledge and experiences related to "Bridging the Atlantic." These leaders include:strengtheningnorway14.jpg
  • Kåre R. Aas, Ambassador of Norway
  • Terje Riis Johansen, Mayor of Telemark
  • Nils-Johan Tufte, CEO of OPD Group- Trade Office
  • Bjorn Forsdal, Director of Telemark Trade Office in Minot
  • Lynn Helms, Director of ND Department of Mineral Resources
  • Kåre Fostervold, State Secretary to the Norwegian Ministry of Oil & Energy
  • Jim Robell, President and COO of Eid Passport in Minot, ND
Robell explained the importance of bringing Norway's safety and security to a whole new level. Eid Passport offers solutions for the challenges of multiple ID programs in Norway. Robell described Norway not only as safe and stable place to expand business, but also an entrance into the European market. Robell also emphasized that Norway and North Dakota are both "modern lands of opportunity."

Energy, oil, and gas are top commonalities between Norway and Minot. Through environmental resources, innovative equipment, and in depth research Norway has become the top oil exporter for the European market. Norway's current success, with strong and steady growth that is meeting economic demands provides a template for Minot and North Dakota to learn from and replicate.

During the forum, Norway and Minot acknowledged many shared goals, including the long term impact that today's decisions will have for many generations to come. Minot and Norway leaders expressed excitement for their partnership and future business opportunities, as this annual forum highlighted the corporate side of the shared relationship.