Weekly service at the Port of Minot diversifies the region’s economy

Posted: Dec 18 2020
Rail Modal Group (RMG) is now shipping out one train per week at the Port of Minot. RMG launched the service in late October and shipped out its first train on October 30th. Since then they have been working diligently to reach their goal of loading one train per week.
The intermodal service in Minot is a push to help diversify the region and state’s economy. Farmers have stepped up to grow new specialty crops like beans, peas, and lentils. Customers can save money on trucking to more distant intermodal facilities and taking trucks off the road, which makes it more environmentally friendly.
Leaving from Minot, it takes about 72 hours for a train to reach the dock at Seattle. From there it will load on a vessel that will sail within seven days. The docks are controlled by the Northwest Seaport Alliance in Seattle and Tacoma.