News Archive for 08/01/2020 to 08/31/2020.

08/04/2020Maragos Recognized as Community Athlete
Minot High athlete, Landry Maragos, is already well-known for her efforts  in softball, volleyball and basketball, but she brings ...

08/05/2020Verendrye Electric energizes one of North Dakota’s first fast car charging stations
Enerbase and Verendrye Electric Cooperative have partnered to bring one of the first level 3 electric car charging stations to North Dakota ...

08/05/2020Minot One Brand
Leaders from Visit Minot, Minot Chamber and MADC, with partners from the City of Minot, the Minot Park District and Downtown Minot revealed ...

08/06/2020Merger Talks Continue with the Minot Area Chamber of Commerce
The executive boards of the Minot Area Development Corporation and Minot Area Chamber of Commerce continue to meet to discussion organizational ...

08/07/2020State of North Dakota Introduces Grant Program
The North Dakota Department of Commerce has introduced the new Economic Resiliency Grant (ERG) for North Dakota businesses, as approved by the ...

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